Webinar: Monitoring and evaluation of cycle tourism routes

How can the use, popularity and impact of cycle tourism routes be followed and assessed? In this webinar, hosted by Cykelfrämjandet (the Swedish National Cycling Advocacy Association), we explore international examples from around Europe on how monitoring and evaluation of cycle tourism routes can be implemented. See a recording of the webinar from the 22nd of November 2022 and the speakers' presentations below.
webinar on monitoring and evaluation of cycle tourism routes


How to start monitoring and evaluating cycle routes and networks using the ÉVA-VÉLO methodology – Stéphanie Mangin, Vélo & Territoires 

How do you measure ridership, analyze economic impact or get to know how satisfied cyclists are with a route? Stéphanie Mangin of Vélo & Territoires (France), shares the ÉVA-VÉLO methodology for assessing the impact of cycle tourism routes.  

The EuroVelo Datahub and network usage monitoring – Holger Haubold, European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) 

How does ECF and the EuroVelo coordinators’ network monitor the development and usage of the 93 000 km EuroVelo Network? Holger Haubold, Director IP + Data Collection at ECF (Belgium), shares how ECF works to collect and provide data on cycle tourism in Europe through the EuroVelo Datahub.  

The ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis – Michael Maier, The German National Cyclists’ Association (ADFC)

ADFC’s Bicycle Travel Analysis follows the development of cycle tourism and cycle tourists’ habits and preferences in Germany. Michael Maier, Bicycle Tourism Officer at ADFC, shares the methods and results from the annual survey.


Webbinariet genomfördes som en del av projektet ”Cykling till och i naturen för alla åldrar”. Läs mer och se andra webbinarier här.