Across the Baltic Sea by Bike


The project has now ended. It had support from the Swedish Institute, that studied the potential for a new bicycle tourism route from Stockholm to Estonia via Åland and Finland. 

Bicyle touring is a sustainable, accessible and climate-smart form of tourism and every year interest in this activity grows. A consortium of partners from four countries have together received funding from the Swedish Institute to study, analyze and evaluate a new route connecting neighboring countries across the Baltic Sea, utilizing the extensive ferry network to foster regional rural tourism offers.

This project aims to develop a plan for a bicycling touring route across the Baltic Sea region and establish an expanded consortium that can collaborate to encourage sustainable tourism practices in rural communities. Project partners are cycle advocacy and tourism NGOs (Sweden and Finland), a regional tourism council (Poland) and a small business specialized in cycle touring (Estonia); representing the range of actors and expertise necessary for successfully planning a cycle route. In a series of project meetings the partners will together:

  • Determine an optimal route that highlights rural communities in each region, while considering cycling-friendly infrastructure and services.
  • Identify and engage with important stakeholders with an interest in a successful regional cycling route.
  • Establish a working arrangement to strengthen bonds within the region and lay a foundation on which to further develop the Trans Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.
  • Identify and seek further funding to ensure the project vision can be realized.

The project ran from 2021 to May 2023 

For more information contact your local project partner or:

Hugo Röjgård

Project partners:


Webinar - Cycle tourism development around the Baltic Sea