HEAT-verktyget sätter siffror på cyklingens hälsonytta

HEAT-verktyget sätter siffror på cyklingens hälsonytta

HEAT är en verktygsplattform (Health and Economic Assessment Tool) som har utvecklats av WHO tillsammans med ECF (The European Cyclists’ Federation). Syftet är att ge stöd åt trafikplanerare och cykelfrämjare genom att belysa de ekonomiska fördelarna liksom hälsofördelarna med aktiv mobilitet. De nätbaserade verktygen, som är enkla och gratis att använda, räknar på samhällets folkhälsovinster kopplat till investering inom infrastruktur för gång och cykel.

Som enda cykelorganisation i projektet ska Cykelfrämjandet bidra med kompetens inom cykelplanering och aktivism för att hjälpa projektet att förbättra förutsättningar för cyklister runt om Östersjön. Under hösten 2018 ordnades en workshop i Stockholm för att hjälpa de andra projektdeltagarna att komma igång med nätverksarbetande.


  • Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association, Finland
  • Council of Southwest Finland – Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland (VALONIA), Finland
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Jurmala City Council, Lettland
  • Institute of Baltic Studies, Estland
  • Tartu City Government, Estland
  • Cykelfrämjandet, Sverige

Projektet påbörjades den 1 april 2018 och pågår till den 31 mars 2021. Projektet är delfinansierat av Interreg Central Baltic 2014-2020.

Cykelmässan: Gå 2 betala för 1

Cykelmässan: Gå 2 betala för 1

Trampa igång våren med Svenska Cykelmässan i Göteborg 3-5 mars. Mer än hundra utställare, ett fullmatat talarprogram, massor av roliga aktiviteter och tusentals besökare kommer göra Svenska Cykelmässan till en fest för cykeln och cyklingen!

Mer info om Svenska Cykelmässan.

Medlemmar i Cykelfrämjandet kan ta med en kompis till Svenska Cykelmässan utan extra kostnad. Ni betalar då sammanlagt 160 kronor.

Ta medlemskort som tidigare skickats ut till samtliga medlemmar via mejl, utskrivet eller i telefonen, i entrén för att erbjudandet ska gälla och ni ska erhålla rabatten. Om ni saknar detta digitala medlemskort, hör av er till [email protected].

Vi ses på Svenska Cykelmässan!

Welcome to Stockholm for the 2016 ECF AGM


May 26-28, Stockholm, Sweden
We are proud to welcome you to Stockholm and Sweden for the 2016 ECF AGM. Sweden has all the prerequisites to becoming a vibrant cycling nation – and we are well on our way. To have the honour of hosting this years’ AGM will surely give our efforts a push in the right direction – together we will send a strong message of unity for cycling.

We hope that you will take part in the AGM as well as the surrounding events. Our team of volunteers and cycling activists have all contributed to fill the schedule with as much cycling related goodies as possible.


Please read through these pages and complete the registration as soon as possible. The registration form is found here.


Please find the ECF AGM Schedule here


Lastcyklister med banderoller som gör slut med "rasism", "sexism", "bilism", "förlegade normer", "intolerans", "hatet" och "dina begränsningar".

Stockholm is surrounded by water, built on fourteen islands where the Mälaren lake meets the sea. It is soaked in eight centuries of history old history but is at the same time a vibrant urban city packed with culture, arts, music and fashion.

And the Stockholm residents love water, with people flocking around it and even in it during the summer months. It is perfectly suitable for swimming and fishing in the middle of town.

Stockholm boasts a wide variety of activities. Castles, the medieval old town, museums, an amusementpark, hip and trendy restaurants and nightclubs and more. It is all available within short cycling (or walking) distances.

There is also the famous archipelago. Its 30,000 islands and skerries is the perfect counterweight to the metropolitan feel of the city.

Stockholm is a beautiful cycling city, offering scenic views, historical sites and a vibrant urban atmosphere. This is especially true in late May – a time when Swedes’ blossom after months of winter hibernation.


By train
There are several train operators in Sweden. With long distance trains there is no longer possible to take the bikes with you (we are trying to change that!) on state operated SJ-trains – unless you have a foldable bike kept in a suitable bag. The same is true for competing inter city operators.

List of train operator policies on bikes. For more information, and to be sure it is the latest information, contact the operator directly before you travel.

By coach
The largest long distance bus operator Swebus allows bikes in the baggage compartment if they are packed according to their requirements and pay a 99 kronor fee. The bike should be packed in a bike bag according to the bag instructions. Alternately, turn the handlebars 45 degrees, dismount pedals and wheels, cover your bike in bubble wrap or cardboard, and then place it in a suitable cardboard box or a sturdy plastic bag. The driver can refuse to accept the bike if it can damage the other baggages.

By plane
All Stockholm’s airports and the two airports in Stockholm’s vicinity (Arlanda, Bromma, Skavsta and Västerås) are connected to downtown by airport coaches as well as municipal alternatives. From Stockholm Arlanda Airport you can also choose the high-speed train service Arlanda Express.
More information about getting to and from the airports:

By ferry and cruise ship
Several major ferry lines serve the countries around the Baltic Sea, and Stockholm’s harbours are centrally located. The ferries and cruise ships pass through the Stockholm archipelago to and from the city. Read more about ferries and cruising to Stockholm below.


The best way to experience Stockholm is, as always, by bike. If you don’t bring your own bicycle with you on the trip, there are alternatives.

City bikes
City bikes offers bikes for hire on 140 stations all over the city centre. The 3-day card is activated the first time it’s used, and is valid for three days in a row. The 3-day card is only available for purchase at City bike card retailers. Price: 165 kronor.

More information about pricing and availability:

Bike Sweden
You can also rent bikes at Bike Sweden. Its more costly, but in return you can choose from different models: city bikes, touring bicycles, mountain bikes, kids bikes and more. Located on the front of the Swedish History Museum.

Rent a Bike
Offers a variety of bikes for hire. Located by the waterfront at Strandvägen, birth 18.

Offers guided tours around Djurgården.

You can travel with SL throughout the County of Stockholm. The Stockholm county area covers a distance of several kilometres outside the actual city centre and includes all services on the Metro, commuter rail, light railways such as the trains on Roslagsbanan, Saltsjöbanan, and Lidingöbanan (currently under reconstruction), and hundreds of bus lines.

There are tickets and travel cards for short and longer periods of time. Nearly all tickets are loaded on an SL Access card, which is an electronic smart card. You need to pay a fee of 20 SEK for the card itself, but you can re-use your card at future visits to Stockholm. There are single use travelcards with zone tickets valid for 1 or 2 hours depending on how many zones you travel in. There are also single use travel cards for 24 or 72 hours.

More information about SL, maps and prices here:


Bike kitchen Solna
Bike kitchen Solna is an organisation that lets you fix your on bike with our tools and with the help of the organisers (if you need it).

Bagarmossen bike kitchen
A bicycle cooperative located in the southern suburb Bagarmossen is promoting an “inclusive and open cycling culture, self organisation and consumption free meeting places”.

Bianchi café
Offers lunch and coffee as well as bikes, accessories and clothes. All by the classic italian brand of course. A cycling celebration in celeste.

Le Mond
Le Mond is a real meeting place for all kind of cyclists – many of them choosing to start and/or end their rides in this homely café for lunch, coffee or a pint.

Gamla stans cyklar
Old town bicycle shop. A 100 year old bicycle shop that maintains its proud heritage while keeping up with contemporary trends.

Bonne Mecanique
Part bike kitchen, part bike store, part café. Bonne Mecanique (Bon Meq in short) is a meeting point for cycle lovers and activists in Stockholm.

Do you want to arrange your own accommodation for your visit to Stockholm? Please find some alternatives below. We strongly recommend you to make your reservations as soon as possible.
Hotel Tegnérlunden Use booking number: 2463105 when making your reservation.
Hotel Hornsgatan
We have pre-booked rooms on the accommodations above. Please contact us for more information.First Hotels
15% discount when using booking code FHVCYKEL
Other ways of finding rooms, search for accomodation in the central discricts: Skeppsholmen, Norrmalm, Vasastan, Södermalm:


If you have time to spare between meetings and events, there are plenty to see and do in Stockholm. Here are a few useful tourist information links.

Visit Stockholm
Virtual Tourist

Train Operator Policies on Bicycles

Train operators not allowing bikes
Norrtåg (Sundsvall – Storlien exempted)
Blå tåget
Kustpilen. (Linköping-Västervik, Linköping-Kalmar)
MTR Express.

Regional operators allowing bikes
SL. Commuter trains and Saltsjöbanan. Rush hour(s) and Stockholm Central exempted. Free of charge.
UL. Arlanda C exempted. Max 2 bikes per train.
Västtrafik. Max 6 on commuter trains and 2 on Västtåg including Kinnekulletåg
Öresundståg. Max 9 bikes per train)
Tåg i Bergslagen. Max 2 bikes per train. Free of charge.
Pågatågen. Max 6 bikes per train.
Krösatågen. Max 10 bikes per train.
Norrtåg. Sundsvall – Storlien only.
NSB In Sweden only.
X-Tåg. Max 2 per train.
Arlanda Express. Free of charge.